Splurt of thoughts

It is a Monday, second day of the start of the week in my part of the world.

It’s a friend’s birthday and he came in to work before I could call him wearing a traditional outfit. Stripped  like the candy green and white blouse I have on right now.

My stomach is upset and in the process I’m in a sour mood.

I did not sleep well last night as I was mad about something and was waiting for my husband to get home. He got home this morning from work which means I will see him later in the evening. I don’t mind how long and erratic the hours are, just as long as he is getting his experience and earning. God knows we will need whatever we can save for next years plan.

At work I hate how other nationals think they can boss other people around to do their job. Its rather upsetting. I know I am a hard worker and I have my moments of ‘laziness’ for the lack of vocabulary! But I get the work done. By hook or by crook. I make the deadline. So in a sense the moments I do not feel like doing certain things, they are calculated.

I had a dream, where I was back in college but we had different uniforms. It wasn’t as strict as before. And somewhere in the park or street of trees I see a white tree with a couple of white doves perched in the middle. It looked like the Cherry blossom in Japan. I had to get up to get ready for work.

Not really sure what it meant. But I want this day to end and hopefully will get some good sleep.

I hate waking up to sneeze!


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