MAY it be a positive month!

I’m on my thirty second week. Feeling tired, irritated more than ever and a little heavy than usual. so much has happened since I last published an entry… our own apartment, we’re having a boy, apparently I’m a gestational diabetic which means I have to prick myself every other day to record my sugar reading. What a friggin’ pain in the ass I tell you! I keep telling myself, ‘its for the baby.’

The universe has a funny way of working with us and sometimes may seem to be working against us. What we think about so often, what we talk about regularly seem to open a door of energies, either enabling us to attain our goals/desires or to allow what we think and talk about so often to actually happen. We must practice the art of stillness/meditation/reflection as often as we can. I find not only does it reboot our system, I feel recharged.

The new apartment is great. Mostly because its our place alone. I have been slacking on chores, causing myself to sneeze like mad because of the dust but its relatively clean. Its great walking freely around in my underwear, doing whatever, whenever. There is much organizing to do, but I can’t find the strength to do it all. It would be good for cardio, but bending feels awkward.

We are currently trying to get my arse under my husbands visa. Some legalities best dealt with before baby Sean arrives. In my husband’s words, he’s going to buy me off my employer. The last couple of days hasn’t been a smooth ride for him. First time dealing with the local immigration you see. Through my four years experience, it takes a lot of patience, creativity, a certain degree of idiocy, and persistence. This experience is a reminder of how important it is to be agile. I’m not one to put on masks, but I have learnt it the hard way.


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