Half way through with 2015. We’re still on a roller coaster ride.

I’ll be starting my 34th week into pregnancy  tomorrow. I did feel a little excited about the birth and finally holding our baby in my arms. Started thinking of how to talk to him, take care of him, what to do and what not to do. But there is this lingering anxiety that I can’t really explain. And it is what hinders my excitement of the near future…I hope its not such a bad thing.

My mother turns seventy this month. She is alive and kicking, with a little knee pain now and then, but she is alive. Sadly we won’t be celebrating her birthday together as we are oceans apart for now. When I was growing up, I know I hated my parents. For many reasons I can’t really recall right now. Maybe it was just my hormones. Maybe I read into their actions and words too much that I found many of them unreasonable even selfish.



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