September 30, 2015 Wednesday

It’s been ages since I last posted anything.

So much has happened I don’t know where to start.

Let’s start with NOW.

I have submitted my letter of resignation the other day. All hoping I get atleast what is due to me, in a financial manner. They keep telling me ‘don’t burn bridges’, I say sometimes its not up to me to keep connected. There’s only so much an employee can do really, I wasn’t born with the skills of a marketer or a sales person. Buttering up situations and covering up facial reactions is a constant test for me. So far I think I’m not doing too bad. I still have my true personality intact. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m just saying I’m happy with who I am, how far I’ve come, how I look (okay maybe I can shed some fat, but that’s another future post) and most importantly, ready to embrace this new chapter in my life…Motherhood.

My baby boy was born on July 11 via C-section.  They had to cut me open because he pooped inside the womb. I was thirty-nine weeks and four days. I was due to be admitted on my fortieth week but my water broke and there was baby poop in it. In these situations there is a twenty-four hour window to get the baby out. If the baby is not out within that time frame it would be a problem for the baby and me. It was not a pleasant experience, let me tell you that. Oh the drugs were working alright. And I pretty much swore this baby would be the first and last. The nurses were in disbelief, I was dead on serious.

Juggling motherhood, being a good house wife and keeping myself as an individual sane and happy is quite a task. I have my ups and downs, it may be called postnatal depression but I would understand that would mean, I am always sad, which I’m not. I’m convinced its just my hormones finding its rhythm.

Waiting for a response from my previous employer is a bit nerve wrecking. Can’t put a donkey tail on the reason precisely, but the feeling is there. What’s the worse thing that can happen? A decrease in the final settlement for whatever reason they can find just to get back at me resigning at the time they most need me? Well whatever it is, I am ready for the consequences of my action. I followed the procedure and I gave them four years and four months of my life. And in that span of time I fulfilled my duties and more, without asking them for a raise, or reporting the incident of sexual harassment and the mishandling of the situation.

The sun will shine in my skies more often. I will write about it.

For now, this ends my chapter of being a slave in a foreign country.


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