October 8, 2015

Sitting on the dining table drinking coke after drinking tea with lemon and honey to soothe my colds. Not ideal but I needed something other than coffee to up my mood.

*The passed week I had to go to the office twice to spoon feed a local. Everything comes easy to them. Sounds pretty harsh but they always get their way. Having to work with (seems like ‘for’ really) I’m beginning to doubt their credibility in terms of academic achievements. She just finished her Masters and she asks me to make a letter for her, basically asking to be a member of an organization…HOLD ON..How did you manage to get a Masters degree again? Oh and by the way I don’t work for the organisation any more remember?

** My brother asked me ‘How can we ever stay positive and be inspired in these situations? Always short in cash’ Got me thinking again. I would usually hear that their baby inspires them; the digits in their savings account; a new watch/bag at the end of the month; the completion of my house; a vacation. Honestly, as a new stay at home mother, Sean’s smiles and coos are like mini boosts during my day but what happens when hey grow older and become a pain in ass? What then? I say, for me it would be the image in my head retired, enjoying the sun rise smelling the fresh air. That should do it.


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