Quick Ramble

Everyday is new challenge.

I cried so many times for different reasons yesterday. Felt so overwhelmed.

My baby is one day short of four months. He’s growing and developing fast which absolutely fascinating. To think this little alien was in my womb giving me reflux and vicious kicks.

When I have the strength to push away the clouds in my mind I  see how blessed I am to have a husband who is hardworking and supportive; a healthy smart baby boy who makes mama smile  through her flooded eyes; a comfortable home; and family near and far.

Every day I am learning and relearning everything about caring for a creature who, in time will be talking and running around the house.

To first time mothers/wives; out there who happen to read this, know that you are not alone through the struggles of recovery, caring, and becoming the best mother you can ever be. Things will only get better. It is important to take plenty of short breaks to recharge (cry, dance, sing, go for a walk alone, swim, cook etc). Do not be afraid to ask for help.

To first time husbands/fathers; support your wife in any way you can; whether it be anything small as, keeping your clothes int he laundry bag, doing the laundry, bring her tea, preparing a meal, bringing flowers, fetching something that is just a foot away from her; giving her a back rub. Your assistance will go a long way. Even if you are the only one working, your husband/parental role never stops. When time permits, take turns feeding, or changing your baby. Listen, watch and learn.

Being a stay at home mother is not only about feeding, changing and sleeping; its a constant task right after another and can be a twenty-four hour job. Of course, if you don’t mind having a stranger witness your baby’s first; pour their love (if any) and care on your baby, then that is your choice. It take a lot of energy and patience. It is constant challenge with an almost obvious result.

Having a baby of your own is a wonderful thing, but nothing in this world if ever rosy all the time, every time.


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