We’re here again…

The iftar has started and the prayers are being sung.Stomachs filled and tongues satiated. Cigarette buds lit up, feet up it’s time to savour the night away till suhoor.

My baby is turning one next month and already I can see the next cards in place.

A little frightening really what lies ahead. Strategies being thought over again and again and again in my head. All for a relatively smooth ride. I find myself searching internally for the courage and strength for what lays ahead. My ever tiresome purpose of finding my sole passion and how I can profit out of it. After all, it’s not only about me now, we have a little human to mould and fend for.

He is such a blessing no matter how naughty he may seem at times, he is such a delight to have as our own. He has learnt to blink, clap and dance. Always ready with a kiss too. It is a great feeling to finally be able to teach him new things and communicate.

Currently I made a pack with some oldschool friends in the West to lose weight…Day 2…and I had some crisps. Yogurt and herbs crisps, healthy isn’t it?


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