Breathe…Just Breathe

There are times when things just don’t go the way you would want them to…

There are moments when you want time to just stay still…a little longer…

There are times when you just don’t give a fuck…

I honestly don’t know how the generations before us functioned properly, balancing work, family and self … On second thoughts, maybe they didn’t, thus the present generation of selfishness.

October, and we are still working on getting important documents done. It can be a bit of drag but I guess we just have to peddle forward.

Contacting the concerned local government by phone seems to be such a difficult task. Time and money wasted having to tug along a toddler and go through security to get to the office only to be told to return after another week, three times! Maybe I just have bad luck.

I have recently reactivated my Facebook account for the purpose of having an outlet or a place  where I can ask other expats how, what and where questions. Now I can’t help checking out items for sale and selling our stuff too! Clearly disturbing! I see things I would like but don’t need and still want to buy them!




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